MOTORLAN Repair Center inside Fagor Automation S. Coop. is a business unit dedicated to the repair and maintenance of all kinds of electrical motors and their electronic servo system.

MOTORLAN from the very beginning has specialized in repairing motors with complex technologies that require considerable technical qualification as shown when becoming the first repair center to offer guaranteed repair of brushless motors of any brand.

Pioneers also as repair center offering exclusive predictive maintenance for motors personalized and traceable for each customer, as well as attaching an ISO 9001 quality certificate to each repair report with all the technical data of the repair and its corresponding tests under load and without load. This report certifies the quality of the work done.

MOTORLAN maintains its original philosophy of offering a kind of business whose heart and product, in this case especially service and quality, make them excel over everything known to date and demanded by the market of repair and maintenance of electrical motors.

With this in mind, they keep a collaboration policy with the most relevant companies in each geographic area in terms of repair and manufacturing of electrical machines. they also have several branch offices to cover the needs of their customers about any type of motor taking advantage of the situation and demand of  Fagor Automation’s own activity through their  30 subsidiaries around the world.